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Concept Development & 3D Printing

Let us take your concept from napkin sketch to a production ready design.  We have on site 3D printing for concept analysys.  Can't figure out how to make your product in a production environment? We can help here too.

Medical Process/Production

We can help develop your medical process with equipment and tooling, or make your production parts more reliable and cost effective with an equipment analysis and design update.

3D Modeling/Design/Drafting

Have something difficult to model in cad? We have the talent and experience to create it. We can help you publish your product to 3d websites for use by engineers and designers.  Let us help you in those busy times with your work over flow.


Introducing the FEPeeler

FEP Skive Tool

This tool will change the way you remove heat shrink during medical device manufacturing. Just set the tool on the product and guide it down the length. No more expensive peelable heat shrink.

100% stainless steel

Medical Heat Shrink Removal

The main goal in the design of this tool was to remove FEP heat shrink without damaging product and driving up scrap costs. There are no sharp edges to cause injuries to employees.

Simple, easy to use, standard razor blades

Hand Held Skiver

Just set the skive tool on the part and slide it down the length to remove heat shrink.

No more damaged parts

FEP Skiver Tool

Heat shrink is lifted off the product and cut, leaving your product undamaged.  Call or email for more information, pricing and availability.



Production Automation

Laser Stent Cutting

Automated Electropolishing Equipment

Tooling and Fixturing for Production

Automated Product Assembly

Cutting Fixtures


Hot/Cold Test Units

Laser Marking

Stacking Sorting

Flex Circuit Stamping/Folding

XYZ Stage Design

Roll Forming/Cutting

Seamless Gutter Roll Forming Machine

Siding Cutters

Roofing Panel Cutters

Coil Cradle Design

Part Stamping

Food Procesing

Vibratory Conveyors

X-Force Conveyors

Sorting/Stacking Equipment

6-Pack Dispensing Machine


X-Ray Inspection Equipment Design

Modular X-ray Inspection Safe Room Design 

Transformer Modeling

Loading Parts to 3D Content Central


We especially love helping inventors get their products off the ground.  We have experience with:  

Chiropractic Equipment 

Ergonomic Chair Design  

Gutter Downspout Punch

Magnetic Christmas Lights

Lake Weed Removal

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